Conference Dinner

We are delighted to announce that the Conference Gala Dinner will be held at the Old Church in Delft on the evening of the 18th October 2016. Dinner will take place in a wonderful historical setting.


The beautiful stained glass windows of the Old Church add to its distinctive look and feel. When sunbeams fall on these ‘window stories’, they create a spectacle of light, angles and colours. The story of how the oldest church in Delft was founded takes us right back to the dark days of the early Middle Ages. Around 1050, a tuff stone church of around 12 by 30 metres was probably already standing amid the settlements along the ‘Delf’.

NK Interieur Michael van Oosten 3

The Conference Dinner is included in the full conference registration, except for students, who pay an additional fee to participate.

Old Church
Heilige Geestkerkhof 25