Technical Visit

Program October 20, 2016   Technical visit   –  Fort Vechten and project
“Room for the river” – Lent


Max. 40 participants  – Free – (Coffee and tea , Lunch Incl.) – registration by mail or during the conference at the registration desk

In Holland people live with water, in many perspectives. Famous are the Dutch water works to defend the land from the sea. But did you know that the defense from water that comes overland is just as important? Not just the canal systems, and all the pumps needed to keep the land dry, but also the defense from water in the rivers.

The Dutch don’t only defend themselves from the water. In the past the water itself has been an important defense. In the years 1800 until 1940 the water was used as a military defense against enemies.

In this technical visit you will learn about things you did not know about the Dutch and the water.
We will visit Fort Vechten to learn about the historical Dutch military defense works, now Unesco world heritage, and fascinating from civil engineering perspective.

The second part of the technical tour deals with the challenge for the Dutch to deal with sea level rising.
Major investments are made towards the future to defend against this phenomena. A national program, called “room for the river” coordinates in total 30 projects dealing with all major weak spots in the river water defense. Measures are taken to give the river space to flood safely. Moreover, the measures are designed in such a way that they improve the quality of the immediate surroundings.

We will visit the town Nijmegen where the river is widened and the dike has been moved to give the river the space it needs.  The project has also re-developed the area. Some beautiful civil structures are built. During the tour we will drink Coffee and have lunch on a boot on the Maas.

Bij vechten

  • 09.00 hour – Departure bus ( University Delft)
  • 10.15 hour – Arrival Fort Vechten Marsdijk 2 , Bunnik
  • 10.20 hour – Coffee and Tea  10.30 hour       Guided Tour Fort Vechten
  • 12.00 hour  – Departure bus to Nijmegen information (room for the river)
  • 13.00 hour – Arrival at Nijmegen Waalkade and depature by Boot on the river Maas
  • 13.00 hour – Guided Tour on the river Maas (Room for the River information)
  • During the tour on the Maas lunch will be served.
  • 14.45 hour – End tour on the Maas
  • 15.00 hour – Departure by Bus to Delft
  • 17.15 hour – Arrival at Delft and end of the technical tour. 

Max participants 40 – ( Coffee and tea , Lunch Incl.)
Register by email: 


Nijmegen RVR

Fort Vechten
Marsdijk 2 3981 HE Bunnik
030 6565285

Pannenkoekenboot Nijmegen
Waalkade 100
024 3601262