During the Symposium IALCCE2016 there will be a photo exhibition with the title:

IALCCE2016 Photo Exhibition: “Infrastructure Moves”

During IALCCE2016 there will be a photo exhibition, showing the beauty and impact of  infrastructure from photos made by our participants from all over the world. You are invited to send us your photo, made from Infrastructure objects or parts of objects, with your story behind the picture. We have planned to make an IALCCE Calendar 2017 with these photos and the stories behind them, how infrastructure moves you. This will be a collector’s item.
You can send your contribution to

Sponsoring the Calendar / Exhibition of the Photos

You can become a sponsor of  the photo exhibition and the Calendar  for €100,-.  In return your name and logo will be placed on the Calendar. You can also send in a message with max. 144 characters which will be printed on the calendar. 

So become a sponsor and mail us your interest at and we will contact you.

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