Fazlur R. Khan Life-Cycle Civil Engineering Medal

The Fazlur R. Khan Life-Cycle Civil Engineering Medal will be presented at IALCCE 2016. This award was established to honor Fazlur R. Khan outstanding contributions to structural engineering in general and in particular to life-cycle civil engineering. This award is made to a member of the International Association of Life-Cycle Civil Engineering who has made definite contributions to the advancement of life-cycle civil engineering through journal or conference papers, or other written presentations.

Senior and Junior Awards

One Senior Award and one Junior Award will be presented at IALCCE 2016:

  • Senior Award (nominees must be above 42 years of age by January 1st, 2016)
  • Junior Award (nominees must be 42 years of age or younger at January 1st, 2016)

All the awards will be for distinguished achievements in the areas of Life-Cycle Civil Engineering. Selections will be based on past achievements.

Nominations for the IALCCE Awards to be presented at IALCCE 2016 have to be sent by September 1st, 2016, to Mark P. Sarkisian, PE, SE, LEED, Chair of the IALCCE Awards Committee, at mark.sarkisian@som.com