Delft is located centrally in the heart of Holland
 known as the Randstad region, between
Rotterdam and The Hague. Delft represents 
Europe at its best, with fast connections to
anywhere in the world. Both physically, boasting 
Amsterdam and Rotterdam The Hague airports
in close proximity and countless international
 railway connections available, as well as in terms
of its role in many international knowledge
 networks, alliances and businesses.

Delft’s fine infrastructure makes it easily
accessible by car and public transport. It is a
compact city and all the main locations inside its 
historic centre are well within walking distance.

Amsterdam Schiphol – Delft

The Netherlands is easily accessible by airplane
from all parts of the World. Schiphol International
Airport ( is one of central hubs
for intercontinental as well as for European
 From Schiphol International Airport, Delft is easy
to reach via public transport or by special taxi,
the so-called Schiphol Travel Taxi. Furthermore
 there are nine trains per hour that make the 45
 minute journey between the airport and Delft.
 For more information, please visit

Rotterdam The Hague Airport – Delft

Except for Schiphol International Airport,
 Delft has a second airport in its surroundings:
 Rotterdam-The Hague Airport (www.rotterdamairport.
nl). This airport is aiming at the European
Rotterdam The Hague airport is the area’s
regional airport at just five kilometers from Delft.
It offers fast and convenient services to many
European destinations. For more information,
 please visit

By road

Delft is connected to an excellent network of
 Dutch and European motorways, such as the A12,
linking the region with Germany and the A16 – A4,
 which connects it to Belgium.

Public transport

Delft is centrally located within the European
railway network, connecting it to Paris, for
example. There are many local transport facilities
to move delegates during a conference, such as
tram, bus, taxi and water taxi.
Within Delft you can take busses, taxi’s or you can
walk of course. The city centre is very compact.